Monday, June 6, 2011

Water Splashes and Me

Since I last wrote, I have gotten my driver's permit, gone camping, gone on an 8 hour bus tour, and played in the river with my dog.  But before I go into that, I should finish the first trip I went on.
I only have a few pictures left from the first camping trip my family went on.  My grandpa wanted to try gold panning, so we decided to pitch our tents right next to a stream.  It was really nice having the sound of the running water in the background.  Not only did it drown out the noise of other campers around us, but it just helped me relax.  The best part was falling asleep to the sound of the rushing water.  Since I was sick, I spent most of my time sleeping, but I also liked to just sit by the stream and skip rocks.  I actually got a rock to skip four times!  No, it wasn't the one I'm holding in the picture.  My cousin and uncle took me four wheeling for the first time and I got to drive one. :)  I'd driven a snow machine before but it'd been a couple of years.  It was very exciting for me. 

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