Wednesday, April 25, 2012


With most of the snow gone, I have made an incredible discovery: There is grass under the snow!  Why do I always forget?...  Yesturday it even rained.  The entire outdoors smelled like summer.  I rode in the car with the windows down. :) 

I'm going to take a little break from my projects from years past, and do something I have never done before.  I'm going to post pictures I did not take and introduce you to my weheartit!  You can find me here:

I am posting pictures of green, because that is what I dream of at night.
Please feel free to follow me!  
With love, 

P.S.  Thank you for all the comments lately!  They have really brightened up my days.  :)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Finishing the First

Snow is melting on the sides of the roads!  Spring in Alaska may not be the most beautiful, but it sure gets me excited. :)  Green is just around the corner!

Now, on to the rest of the characters.
We have...
Brian: Rose's Prince
Christy: Rose's friend
Corin: Christy's prince and Brian's friend
Jenny: The old lady who helps Rose when she is lost in the woods
Priscilla: The fairy who turned the princes to frogs
The King: Rose's father
The Queen: Rose's mother

I still love looking at these pictures.  They make me laugh over and over again.  It's hard to explain the memories attached to each and every pencil, or crayon, stroke.  :)  I even still have the original manuscript.
If you look closely, you can read some of the words.

With my first book one finished, I was getting pretty excited.  I told everyone that I was a writer, and I was very proud of myself.  So naturally, I began my sequel.  Ideas began to stir and words began to appear on paper.  And that's how Lily came to be.  But she'll have to wait until next time. :)
Have a good Sunday!