Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sun and Hail and Other Camp Adventures

It has been two weeks now since I went to Denali.  Sometimes it is difficult to write about something that's not fresh in your head.  I have so many pictures and words to post, I will go back to Denali another time, and tell you now about why I haven't posted all week.  I was helping at camp.
The last two years, my older, but not oldest, sister has helped at a Christian camp and had a blast.  I really was looking forward to it, though I knew it would be a lot of hard work.  I was with three other girls and our counselor.  The campers were second and third graders, and there were a LOT of them.  The four of us girls and our leader were in charge of serving meals, doing dishes, and cleaning bathrooms.  We also helped with skill classes in the mornings.  But most of what we did was dishes.  At lunch one time, we had over three hours of dish washing!  My feet and lets hurt and my arms and hands got rashes, but it felt good to know I was helping out, and I kept reminding myself that it was all for the glory of the Lord. 
I have quite a few random pictures here to show you.  Not all of them are relating to camp, so I'll just explain when I took them and what I was thinking. 
Clouds!  Sorry, this is such a bad photograph.  I took it through the front window of our car, and I'm afraid the windshield is very visible.  I loved the clouds that day, though.  They looked like they must have been painted up there, along with the sun.  Just happening to have my camera with me . . . I obviously took a picture.
OK so my next pictures will be of camp.  I have pictures of other people, but I don't have their permission to post them on here, so I'll just do the ones of me.  :/

There were a few REALLY incredible things that happened this week.  Like me going horse back riding for the first time!  But mostly, what was different was the weather.  On the first day, we were standing in the dining hall when it began to rain, only it was only raining on one side!  Look out one window, and it's pouring.  Look out the opposite, and it's dry!  And then it got weirder!  On Thursday, we had just finished dinner when it began to pour.  It had been our first sunny day all week, and it still rained!  "Have you ever seen the rain falling down on a sunny day?"  Well yes, actually, I have!  And hail, too!

And after the rain, a banner of magnificent color decorated the sky. 


  1. Wow it sounds like you had a great time! I love your description of the clouds, and that photo is great too- I couldn't tell it was taken through a car window until you said!

  2. Looks so beautiful and fun. You're so pretty!
    Maybe you can also take a look at my blog when you have time. :)