Sunday, June 26, 2011

Denali Part 2

Sunday, 4:00pm
There's this feeling I've been having lately.  It's the feeling of: OK, I'm going to get this done!  Darn!  Where did this certain object go?  No!  I need that to do this!  Grr . . .
I've been getting to know that feeling pretty well lately, and by now we're definitely foes.  I was all ready to get this post done, and I can't find my camera!  Honestly, what is this about me and camera problems!?
My brother found my camera!  Hooray!  OK, now for the rest of the Denali trip.

OK, the next animal we saw was a wolf.  This wolf got us an hour behind schedule.  Most of the animals up close left too quickly, but this one wouldn't leave!  For over an hour, he walked in front of our bus.  For a few minutes he would sniff around by the edge of the road and everyone would think, maybe he'll go now!  But he didn't!  He must of liked the attention, because he sure took his time.
And then we saw doll sheep again!  Three rams, and just around the corner, a whole herd of sheep, right up close!
 Next spotted were three caribou, but from very far away.
And it looks like I'll have to make this into three parts instead of two.  Aaah, too many pictures!
P.S. Thank you so so so so much, my first follower!
5:40  Done with post.

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