Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Jumpled Thoughts That Don't Really Make Sense

To be perfectly honest, I'm feeling a little hopeless.  I look at amazing blogs filled with fashion, ground breaking thoughts and fantastically written phrases.  They live in big cities, or on the country side where there are rolling hills and cotton ball clouds.  I live in a small city that is mostly covered in snow.  It is summer now, and the choke cherry trees are blooming at last, but sometimes it's so difficult to be satisfied. 
But, no, satisfaction isn't the problem.  I just feel a bit discouraged.  My dream is to be a writer.  When I was little, I wrote because my big sisters did.  But then it became a little bit more than that.  I love writing.  And when I get discouraged, I go to a book store and say to myself, 'Picture those books on that shelf being yours!  Imagine your name in place of the author's, and in the back of the book, your picture, and inside the pages, your words, your thoughts, from your very own mind!'
And then I keep writing.  Because I know I can do it.  I'm only fourteen, and fourteen is far too young to be giving up on a dream.  I guess any age is too young to give up on a dream, really.   

O  O  O

Time to switch the train to a different track.  My Grandpa is here!  Though it's much different than I imagined, it's all going well.  I really had no need to be nervous.  We went camping last weekend because he wanted to go gold panning.  Actually, he found some!  Just those little flakes you can get from panning, but it was exciting.  I had a lot of fun 4-wheeling, skipping rocks and sitting around the campfire.  Mom even let me burn some of my school books!  But I took pictures, mostly.  There are a lot of them right now.  This is going to be a long post. :)
First stop: Butterflies

Our first stop during our long drive to the campsite, and look what I stumbled upon!  A swarm of butterflies.  They were beautiful, flurrying around to different places, but they always came back to this spot.  It was hard to peel my eyes away.
Second stop: The Stream

Simple pictures of a simple thing.  Water is so soothing and I'm not sure if I would have made it through this trip, being sick with a cough and runny nose, if this stream hadn't been there.  I could sit by its running water and let it run over my feet, skip rocks, though I'm not very good, and let my mind drift.
Now my next stop is, well, me.  But this post is getting long and I think I will save the rest for a different time.  Farewell, and I hope someone reads this. :)

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