Monday, July 4, 2011

A Tree

The time has come for my family's semi-annual run of the three Lord of the Rings movies; extended versions, all.  We watch the movies each year in the summer and during Christmas break.  I thought for  while, I would get tired of watching it so often, but that hasn't been the case.  Each and every time the movie menu comes up, I get shivers of excitement up my back.  Everything about the movies draw me in.  The story and the characters, the costumes and the views, the amazing places the characters travel and the obstacles they over come!  It makes me want to travel to Rivendell and fly over pastures on the back of an eagle.  I want to wear long dresses and have long hair like an elf, and go to the pub at the Shire and watch the hobbits dance and sing!
Though Lord of the Rings has nothing really to do with the pictures following, I just cannot help but mention the movies.  I haven't read the books, but I have listened to the first two on CD, and have started the third. 
Another big thanks to my SECOND follower!  THANK YOU!!!

These are some photographs taken the same day as the ones by the gate.  The rain is still yet to stop, so it looks like our line of hot, sunny line Independence Days have come to an end.  But weather remains unpredictable, and we could have a sunny day after all.  I wouldn't mind rain, and I can't say I'm getting bored with its endless drizzle.
Have a great tomorrow!

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