Friday, July 15, 2011

Lilies of Last Year

Four days ago, one of my sisters had to come home from camp on account of being sick.  I'm afraid that my brother and I seem to have caught the germ as well.  Today is when it really seems to have started: the runny nose, the dizzy feeling, and all the other symptoms that like to follow along.
Already it seems almost as if summer is beginning to end.  I have to keep reminding myself that we still have an entire month left!  But the lilies by the side of our house continue to wilt, even if the leaves on the trees and the pea bushes are still as green as ever before.  The lilies are one of the main parts of summer I look forward to each year, as you may have noticed.  I have lots of pictures of lilies, a lot of which, I haven't posted yet.  But today, in honor of our sweet tiger colored lilies, I will post some pictures I took last year, when i was thirteen, before I had my blog.

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