Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Memories Now

Now that both of my weeks at Camp Li-Wa are completed, all I have to do is look back on the memories, smile...and pray that I can get in for another week!  
I think the main thing I love about camp is the atmosphere.  It is just so loving and welcoming.  The cabins are old and thin, giving the constant feeling of being out of doors.  Now that I'm home, being in a house feels unnatural.  But I'm beginning to get used to it again.  
My favorite building at camp is the dining hall.  It is VERY old and likes to lean a little bit closer to the lake each year.  The walls and ceiling are slanted, and the mop buckets slide down the floor if you don't keep a strict eye on them.  In the kitchen, where us SALTs spend quite a bit of out time doing dishes, there is a very old and dear friend waiting for us: Jackson.  Jackson is the sanitation machine for the dishes, except he's beginning to get very cranky.  He takes at least five minutes to heat back up in between loads.  We all like to joke about him capturing the heart of the SALT girls while they do the dishes.  
(Photo above taken by my friend, Lindy)

So many dear memories are attached to that dining hall, but as usual, time wins over our wishes.  The building will soon be replaced with a more safe and sanitary building that will be easier to get to.  I think anyone who has ever gone to Camp Li-Wa will dearly miss the dining hall.  There are so many memories attached.
And so that closes week one of my camp experience this summer.  It was full of laughter and love and tears, and I think I made some friends and memories that will stick with me for the rest of my life.  

With love,


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  1. It looks like you had a fantastic time! The pictures are beautiful, I can only imagine how much better that place would be in person.
    There's a camp I use to go to, that was really old, and it gave me the same feeling. I just love camp :)