Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sun Rays

The past week has been so busy.  School starts on Monday and as the summer comes to a close, we are trying to organize the entire house as well as our school books, our schedules, and our alarm clocks.
Knowing that I'll have to start getting up three or four hours earlier than I have been every day, has not been a great comfort, but I'm looking forward to having a normal schedule.
These pictures were taken from my car while I was waiting for my parents to finish talking and take us all home.  Pictures of sunbeams are somewhat magical to me.  The possiblity that in some sort of way, I captured a bit of the sun.  If I could, I'm sure I'd take hundreds of jars outside, open them up and fill them with sunlight.  Then I'd put on the lids and hide them away in my room so that during the dark winter months, I could pull them out and remember the sun.
In my science book last year, I'm sorry to say that it said in Alaska there were six months of complete darkness and six months of complete light.  I would like to tell you right away that this is a lie.  The earth does not somehow turn around and stay still for six months and then turn back around and stay still again.  The earth turns up here, just like it does closer to the center, and though our days in the winter are shorter and the days in the summer are longer, there is still a little bit of sun shine and darkness in both seasons. 
If I could capture the sun in a jar, I would pull it out in Febrary, when spring is just around the corner, but you can't quite smell it yet.  When the world is dark and my brain gets foggy.  When my heart starts to yearn for summer more than it ever did before.  There is, of course, sun in these months, but it somehow seems clouded over, and a strange shade of gray.
Why am I talking about this?  Summer isn't over yet!  The sunbeams are still here!
Some more sunbeams I've captured on a card.  Have a great Sunday. :)

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  1. Love those speckles of light in the photos. Looks magical.

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    absorbing optimistic rays