Sunday, August 7, 2011

An Attempt at Finding Blueberries

Well, as you see, I didn't make two posts like I'd planned.  But here I am now, still recovering from a wet and much disappointing quest to find blueberries.  Unlike other years, my family just hasn't been able to find lots of berries this year.  Usually we go out searching with our extended family and find lots of nice patches bursting with large, luscious drops of blue.  But today, as we were driving out of town to our usual spot, the rain clouds started to roll in.  We thought we'd give it a try though.  For all we knew, the rain, merely a drizzle, could last a few minutes and then blow off.
On the drive there, we came across two ptarmigans!  They were so pretty, but they were fast and I didn't manage to snap a picture of them.  When we got there, there were no berries.  Lots of bushes, but none with berries worth picking.  They were either shriveled up, or just not there.

So we left and drove to a different spot.  There were a few berries there, but it started to drizzle again. And then a little bit harder.  It was really cold out, so I went back to the car.  Two minutes later, it began pouring and I watched as my soaked parents and sister came trudging up the hill.

Then, we went home.  So our blueberry search was a failure, and we managed to get no more than a cup or two.  But it wasn't entirely in vain.  On the way back, a row of ducklings crossed the road in front of us.  Though I didn't get a picture, they, too were too fast, seeing them made the entire outing, worth it.


  1. Such a shame that you didn't find wild blueberries (we also call them bilberries in my part of the UK). That happens some seasons at our favorite picking spot, when there have been odd fluctuations in the spring or early summer weather. In fact, the bilberries are very early here this year (that's why my lips are stained dark purple in my last post!) - we weren't expecting to find any when we went for our walk. Mind you, they seemed much smaller than usual too. Wishing you better luck next time you go foraging.