Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Feeling Better

It's August, and I'm feeling good.  Now that all my fair entries are off being judged, I can relax a little.  I'm still anxious that they do good, but I don't have to worry about finishing them all in time. 
Since I'm almost better, I have been able to do a bit more cooking for school!  I said before that I would be posting pictures of what I make, but between the chopping of vegetables and the mixing of sauces, I have completely forgotten.  I'm sorry! 
I still have piles of things to do to get ready for next school year.  Two weeks until I'm officially a freshman.  Eeeps!  I've decided to stick with homeschooling and not do public school.  That way I can stay more focused and maybe get done a little early.  The earlier I get done, the more time I'll have for crafts and writing and reading. :)
Being so caught up in the fair, I haven't taken any pictures lately, but I still have loads from several weeks ago.  The following are from a wedding that I went to.  Behind the pavilion was a big field of tall grass with the sun streaming down on it.  Little kids were running and laughing and even the older kids and teenagers.  Big fields are such bliss.  Of course, I took pictures. :)  These were from my old camera.  I'm yet to have an opportunity like this with my new one.

In these pictures:  Kiana, myself, and Kiana's sister, Angel.

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