Thursday, August 2, 2012

I hardly ever use other people's pictures, but I haven't taken any worth blogging lately.  Besides that, none of them can really portray my mood right now. 

Being back from camp has been a constant struggle.  With no strict, planned schedule like I've grown used to, it's hard to get things done.  Bit by bit I'm starting to finish projects.  But it's hard to be inspired after growing used to being surrounded by nature.  Meals are quiet with only four members of my family at home; the complete opposite of the noisy dining hall with 70+ people all eating in one room.  

The Olympic Games have been rolling as well.  The Olympics are pretty much the only times my family watches television.  The constant chatter in the background is more distraction and it's starting to overwhelm my mind.  Sometimes my brain hurts so much, I just want to leave.

But then the past few hours, my brain has been blank, save the memories that float back from camp.  I'll start laughing while I'm washing dishes, remembering the time when Sarah and I found a frog on the boardwalk and showed it to everyone in the dining hall.  Memories are all I have left of this year of camp.  Yet memories are one of the most precious things I gained over the entire summer.  I also gained friends. :)

But Summer is coming to a close and Autumn is pulling nearer.  Surely by then I will be back on my feet, optimistic and excited, looking for inspiration in the leaves and the sky and the buildings.  I'm excited about the rest of this year.  It's going to be good.

With love,


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