Thursday, May 17, 2012

Introducing Lily

When Rose and Brian got married, they had a daughter, named Lily. Thus enters my second princess.

For reasons still unexplained, Lily ended up in a dark and evil forest, ruled by the evil Dr. Livare.  She was also turned into a talking deer.  She lived with her friends Justine, also a deer, and Arthur, a beggar man.  Their story is titled, "The Curse of the Evil Dr. Livare".

But before I give a recap of the story, I'd like to explain a little more about princess number two.  When our story begins, she is three years old; quite grown up for a mammal, not so grown up for a human.  So, when she (Spoiler Alert!) gets turned back into a human by the good fairy, Molly of Mushroom Court, she still has a chance to go back to her parents and have a full life as a princess.  I never got that far in writing, but in my head she had many great childhood adventures.  She grew up, married a man named Edward, and had about a dozen children.

The first picture I drew of Lily outside of her deer form was drawn about a day after the similar one of Rose.  Unlike Rose, however, I never continued with her.  Looking through the notes that I've made more recently, she doesn't turn up often.  Maybe she will show up as a different person later on, but until then, she is still exactly how she was when I was nine years old.

As a side note: Today is my sister's graduation.  I have gone to two other graduations in the last two days, and they played the same song at both.  Needless to say, that song has been stuck in my head all day and I am hoping something different will be played at the next.  

I will try to post more often throughout the next week, but I will be very busy.  Theater week for Peter Pan starts up soon, my sisters are heading off to camp for the summer, and then my friend, Emily, is coming up to visit for three weeks!  It's going to be an exciting and busy summer.

With love,

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