Sunday, October 2, 2011

Birch Hill Part 2

Here are the rest of my Birch Hill photos.  It's strange how in such a short time, the world looks completely different!
The leaves have now all fallen off the trees and the smell of winter is getting stronger.  It's a sweet smell, though.  I'm looking forward, just a little, to the coming snow.
Last night at youth group, the northern lights were out in all their splendor, dipping and twisting and growing and shrinking.  Their green swirls made me want to just fly up and dance with them.  I wanted to ice skate down their slopes or wrap myself in them and wear them like a dress.  Thank you, God for making the northern lights!
Now a full and lovely Sunday awaits me.  I will probably sew and watch Lion King.  Have a wonderful day!

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