Monday, September 26, 2011

Pond Assignment Part 1

Biology this year has been especially frusterating for me.  I'm really just not understanding the content very well at all.  So when I found out one of my assignments was going to a pond and selecting samples, I was pretty excited.  At last, something fun!
With the golden leaves and evergreens smothering the hillside with color, it was a beautiful trip.  Mom let me drive, since I have my permit now and it was my first time to go over 50mph (Whoohoo!).  Rain was gently splashing and as we reached the pond I felt so refreshed.  Being out in the soft wind and rain with the sweet smell of autumn and the splattering of water hitting water, it was the most peaceful atmosphere I'd been in all week.  And I didn't have to worry about getting behind in school while I was there, because I was doing school!  We gathered the samples and then I got to experiment with my camera for my photography class.  What better place to take pictures than in nature? 

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