Monday, October 15, 2012

It Snowed Today

Today was the first thick snow.  It was so beautiful and light, and the flakes landed on my eyelashes and made me feel like I was in a fairy tale.  The beginning of the long winter has begun, and for at least five more months we will be trapped in the land of ice and snow, watching from the window and wishing for spring.  But I'm ready to enjoy the first couple months at least.  Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner, and the cheery lights on buildings will be put up to put everyone in a good mood.  

Happy October, readers.  Enjoy the rest of your fall.

With love,



  1. You certainly look like you're in a fairy tale! I am intensely jealous! I just adore snow but where I live at the moment it never snows. So when it's raining we just turn down the air conditioning and put on sweat shirts and pretend it's cold outside, haha.

    You're so cute in these pictures, I like your socks! Very fall-ish :)

  2. Well don't you look just darling! I can't wait for snow, it always gives me fairy tale -feelings too!