Sunday, March 18, 2012

My First Princess

I think I mentioned before the first story I wrote. It was called "The Little Family Goes to Giantland".  In all honesty, I hardly remember anything about it.
The first chapter book I wrote, however, was much different. This one was a fairy tale called The "Princess and the Muffin". Basic plot line: A princess meets a frog and finds out her brother was turned into a frog, and her friend’s brother was turned into a frog, and indeed many more boys were turned into frogs. She sets out to turn them back into humans. Along the way she meets an old lady name Jenny, a bad fairy named Priscilla, and a couple hundred more frogs. So what’s with the muffin?
The princess has a thing for muffins. That’s about it. But the title’s catchy, right?
I remember laughing when I wrote the book. Now when I reread it seven years later, I laugh for a different reason. If I could, I’d copy the entire book into this post. But I think it’d be a better idea to switch to Rose for now.

Yes, Rose is our princess. Here is the very first portrait ever done of her. She chose to pose with her good friend, Christy.  I don't think the idea of necks had occurred to me at this point.

A year or two later, another portrait was done.

And then:

I actually like this one a lot. Rose is dressed her wedding gown (designed by yours truly) and is very happy. 

I gave up on Rose for a few years after that. She was in the past, a childhood fantasy. But she had, and still has, potential, I think. Rose may be the heroine of a story yet to come. I picked her back up when I was twelve. Starting from scratch, I created a new girl, a new plot, a new dream. The similarity between this new Rose and the old one are about as alike as the book Ella Enchanted and the movie. Yeah, not much.

I haven’t visited Rose in a while. She is currently stuck in a palace bed after being left in the rain on a cold, foggy night. I decided to give her a rest while I tried to collect my thoughts about her. She will probably get out of bed soon. Just…wait, which flash drive did I save her on?

Here we have the most recent work I’ve done on Rose. She is supposed to be under water.  I drew this about a month ago. I’m no professional, but I like how this turned out. Maybe I’ll look back on it some day and see it the way I see the previous drawings. But until then, I am satisfied. 

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  1. Very cool illustrations! =)