Monday, January 23, 2012

It's Quite Dreary

Somehow, it's rolled around to January again.  I have become quite accustomed to the view above.  It's what I see all day, every day, from my chilly little house in town.  
With the festivities of Christmas and New Years completed, it's beginning to feel a little dull.  My thoughts drift to summer, which I am very much looking forward to.  First of all, my friend, who moved to Kansas three years ago, will be up for a visit!  How I've missed her.  I'm looking forward to lots of laughter and catching up on the years we've missed together.  
Thoughts of summer are pleasant, but they only made me feel more depressed because of my current situation.  "God," I said, "Could you help me out here?  I need some cheering up."  
And He did!  I auditioned for the spring show that the dance studio I go to is putting on.  It was very last minute, and I didn't expect a part.  I was auditioning for experience, and for fun.
But, SURPRISE!  I got a part!  It's quite small, but I feel so blessed to have gotten it, and I am extremely excited.  I am playing Nana the dog in Peter Pan!  I'll have a full dog costume and will bound around the stage on all fours.  :)  I will also be playing a girl pirate in a few dances.  
The play is definately something I am looking forward to.  I feel quite cheered, and ready to plow through the next few months of school, snow, and cold temperatures.  

Love and Cheers,

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